alan's book

New York Times Bestseller

Imagine the possibilities if you were able to improve your performance—or to help
others improve theirs—by 2X, 5X, 10X, or even more!

You Already Know How To Be Great outlines a unique, fast, and powerful approach that
anyone (in any industry, at any level, and in any functional area) can use to transform
his/her performance.

Alan's book:

  • Presents a revolutionary way of looking at performance "inside-out"
  • Identifies the biggest obstacle to great performance—"interference"—and
    how to remove it
  • Makes the case that one element makes all the difference in our outcomes:
  • Introduces a simple yet powerful focusing tool that can be used immediately
    and effectively

Few leadership books provide the kind of how-to approach that's needed to build
a culture of performance in today’s fast-paced global economy. You Already Know How
To Be Great
does just that in practical terms using a simple, replicable process. Start
putting "inside-out" thinking to work today, and begin to create your best performance.

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